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Call Center

The service is provided in the prepayment modality, constituting a current account, and the amount paid in full is converted into telephone call answering:

Duration of the contract
Total Service Price
(Monthly value)
12 months € 240
(€ 20)
6 months € 150
(€ 25)
  • - example: in 12 months, the price is 240 € + VAT = 295,20 €, but this amount already includes, at no additional cost, the attendance of 160 calls (for monthly number of contacts less than 100 - unit cost 1,50 €) or 480 calls (for monthly contacts between 200 and 300 - unit cost 0,50 €).
  • - the payment of the total amount is made at the beginning of the service's application (monthly value indicated for information purposes);
  • - VAT (23%) in addition to the prices indicated.

Price of each telephone service (assumes service with an average duration of not more than 4 minutes):

Monthly number of phone calls answered

Price of a answered phone call

Less than 100
€ 1,5
From 100 to 199

€ 1,0
From 200 to 299

€ 0,5
More than 300
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  • - VAT (23%) in addition to the prices indicated.

After approval of your Application, the service will be provided for 6 or 12 months or until the available balance is exhausted (whichis to come first).

In the email you receive with the information collected in each telephone call, you are also informed of the balance available in your current account and the date on which the service ends if the balance is not previously exhausted.

The price of each contract includes the provision of the service and the use of an exclusive telephone number, so in its end, there is no refund of a possible balance in your current account.

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