Lisbon virtual office

Postal Address - Domiciliation - Mail forwarding

 When you receive mail/package, you will be informed the same day by email, with the sender`s indication

We`ll hold your mail/package for pick up at your convenience or forward them to you, wherever you are

Park your car for free in the building's garage for the time needed to collect your mail

Close to subway station and other transport facilities

Service available to collective legal entities (companies, associations, etc.) and individuals

Service available only at R. Hermano Neves 18


Receive correspondence delivered by mail or hand, using LXoffice address as your business or tax address.

This is a street address, not a PO box number, so you can receive mail delivered by carriers (Fedex, DHL, etc).

Easily access to the facilities, located near the 2nd Circular, North-South and Padre Cruz Avenue, very close to Telheiras metro station and other public transportation.

Whenever you need, you can
rent a meeting room.


Receipt of correspondencen + business/tax address + email information on behalf of an entity (personal name or Company or Brand):

Contract duration Amount (monthly value)
12 months €156  (€13)
6 months €96 (€16)
  • monthly addition for each additional name (allows to receive correspondence in the name of your company/brand and in your personal name, since sometimes the address does not indicate the name of the company/brand): €3.00;
  • full payment is due at the beginning of each period of adhesion to the service (monthly value indicated for information purposes only);
  • is included the reception of letters/envelopes/cushioned sachets with dimensions up to 229x324x30 mm;
  • unit cost of receiving packaging/box with dimensions up to 300x300x400 mm: €1.50; unit cost of receiving packaging/box with larger dimensions, up to 800x800x800 mm and 10 kg of weight: €3.00; there must be a positeve balance in the Current Account to allow this service;
  • to the amounts indicated plus VAT (23%) if applicable.

Documentation required

It is not necessary to send any documentation.

Mail forwarding (optional service)

Mail forwarding is processed according to your instructions, whenever you receive mail or when you request us. In the latter option, you will receive emails indicating the correspondence received and, when you understand it, you can request by e-mail your sending to the address you have indicated to us.

Cost for each shipment (in which one or more letters/packages you have received can be consolidated):

  • envelope/bag: cost price of the carrier, plus €1.50 + VAT (€2.50 + VAT, only for carrier CTT);
  • package: cost price of the carrier, plus €2.50 + VAT (we do not send by CTT).

Simply join the services "domiciliation + receipt of mail + information of the reception and respective sender" and "deposit in the Current Account", in which the expenses are charged. The temporary validity of the deposit is the subscription of the address/domiciliation service and its subsequent renewals.

Scanned mail forwarding (optional service)

The mail can be sent to your email in pdf format.
Price per document:

  • 1 ou 2 pages: €2.50;
  • for each additional page: €0.25.

To the values indicated plus VAT (23%).

In order to enjoy this services, it is enough to join the Postal Address - Domiciliation service and make a deposit of €20 or €30 (+VAT), to which the expenses are deducted. The term of the deposit is the subscription of the address/domiciliation service and its subsequent renewals.


I intend to set up a company and domicile it in your facilities. How do I proceed since I still do not know if the name I want for the company is accepted?

Adhere to the service by completing the membership form, indicating your personal data as a Proponent.

In the "Name of entity to receive mail" field, type "Company to be formed".

After submitting the adhesion proposal, you will receive an indication of the address to be used in the constitution of the company.

When the company is constituted, send us an email with the indication of its name.

Can I choose the building in which I want to receive the mail?

The service is provided only at R. Hermano Neves 18.

What is the format of the address that will be assigned to me?

R. Hermano Neves 18, EXX, 1600-477 Lisboa (XX represents a number that will be assigned).

What is the parish of your address of domiciliation?


Can I join the service in person in the premises?

Adhesion to services (as well as subsequent renewals) is only made online by completing the membership form.

Join the service

In order to join or renew the subscription of the services, you just have to fill out an online form.

Click here to join/renew services and pay by bank transfer

Click here to join/renew and pay with credit/debit card (3% additional processing cost apply)